Paperless Passports The Future of Airport Security? e-Passports with AMOLED Screens Announced at CeBIT 2010 (Video)

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German company Bundesdruckerei showed off what it is calling the world's first e-passport equipped with an AMOLED display at CeBIT 2010. It could be the future of airport security, ditching paper passports for one driver's license-like card that can display a rotating view of the passport owner. And what's even more amazing is that the card doesn't need a battery for the screen to function. CNet reports that the AMOLED screen doesn't even need a battery in the card. It's powered by RF (radio frequency) technology. When the card moves to an RF power source, the display turns on, showing a 360 degree view of the passport holder. Also, the screen is flexible enough not to break if you keep the card in your pocket. Whether or not this is a greener solution is debatable, considering these cards eliminate paper, but add e-waste. And if they'll have the 10-year-and-then-some life that you can easily get out of a paper passport before it needs to be renewed is questionable since it could get scratched up and therefore malfunction. The potential security features are definitely expanded, but you don't get the fun stamps that make you feel like a cool world traveler. If this is the future of airport security, we'd love to see a lifecycle analysis of the card, and compare that with the LCA of paper passports.

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