Paper-To-Pencil Machine Repurposes Printed Pages

paper to pencil concept device image

Images via Yanko Design

For all the offices trying to go green by minimizing paper use, there are still those that have a pile of wasted print-outs in the recycling bin. This concept by designers Chengzhu Ruan, Yuanyuan Liu, Xinwei Yuan & Chao Chen takes old office paper and spits out whole pencils. And interesting idea for reusing wasted materials, upcycling rather than recycling. But, how many people still use pencils, especially those without erasers? So, is it a good idea, or a waste of energy?

paper to pencil concept device image

The idea is that the pencil's core is stored in the device, and paper is fed in, which wraps around the core and is compressed. Feed paper in, and out pops a pencil.

The only thing is, are there really that many offices that readily supply a lot of pencils? It seems most offices supply pens, and this would just spit out a lot of writing utensils that will sit around unused. But still, if in the right type of office, this concept idea could be a brilliant idea for repurposing old supplies.

paper to pencil concept device image

What do you think?

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