Packaging Fail: Apple Ships Code in a Freaking BOX!

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Photos via TreeHugger tipster

Electronics companies are notorious about wastefully packaging their products. Recently we razzed HP about their ridiculous record-setting. But now it's Apple's turn to be in the spotlight. A TreeHugger just received a shipment from the company. So…what could be in this box from Apple? A new iPod? iPhone? Hard drive?No it’s MobileMe, the online email, push notification, gallery, and storage services. Well, that makes sense since there must be a delicate CD-ROM in here that needs protection, right?

apple packaging inside photo

But no. It's just a serial number, two stickers, packing list, and “intro pamphlet." In other words, the company used all this packaging to ship a number. A number and some info that could have been emailed rather than trucked to the recipient's home.

apple packaging gets worse photo


apple package finale photo

Whatever Apple has saved by reducing their MacBook packaging they've squandered on their MobileMe packaging. It's not the only time we've seen Apple be terribly wasteful in this department. Remember the iPod Dock fiasco?

We're thinking it's high time electronics companies start being a little less shameful when it comes to shipping goods.

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