OrganoClick's Green Chemistry To Slim, Trim, And Detoxify Packaging

Product packaging peeves - we've all got 'em. Why must new earphones come swathed in a pound of impenetrable hard plastic? Why do we think we can "recycle" multi-material Tetra-Pak packages? (Only about 15 % of Tetra-Paks actually get their paperboard content reused - 70% in Germany). And what good is biodegradable packaging if it's covered with non-biodegradable sticky labels?

These are the type of big questions the scientists at OrganoClick have also grappled with. Using a process called click chemistry (hence the "Click" in the name), Jonas Hafren and Amando Cordova have created a new way to add useful qualities - waterproofing, non-wrinkling, bacteria-fighting - to any cellulosic material such as paper, cotton or wood, using only natural, non-synthetic compounds...such as linseed oil. The first products using the OrganicClick technology won't show up until next year, but they'll be biggies - water-resistant cloth without the polyurethanes, waterproof paper sans the petroleum-based waxes. And perhaps even a Tetra-Pak-style package that can lose its polyethene laminate. Via ::OrganoClick

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