OrganiTech: Hydroponics Solutions For Spaniards

Israelis seem to be saying ole a lot more than usual these days and it’s not because of the nation’s fascination with Almodovar films. Earlier this summer a factory of Israeli passive solar energy collectors was slated to be built in Spain. Most recently, we just learned, the Israeli company OrganiTech (and featured by TreeHugger's Lloyd here) is selling its advanced hydroponics greenhouses to an undisclosed Spanish customer for up to 60 million Euros, over the next 5 years. ::OrganiTechOrganiTech’s new customer, they say, is one of the largest European growers and exporters of agricultural produce in general and leafy vegetables in particular.

The imminent sale is proof for the growing global recognition of the advantages of hydroponics technologies in agriculture production.

OrganiTech is a publicly traded company in the US and considers itself to be a pioneer and world leader in providing hydroponics growing factories and hydroponics greenhouses. The company designs, develops, manufactures, markets and supports hydroponics solutions and platforms for the agriculture and life-science industries, enabling the growth of leafy vegetables in a highly economic, clean and automated environment.

Moreover, the company’s system, they say, significantly reduces heating and labor costs per plant (the most serious cost-drivers in the greenhouse industry) while making optimal use of other resources such as water and land. ::OrganiTech