Expands Tools for Detailed Carbon Tracking

openeco carbon tracking website image is adding tools to its website in an effort to be a resource that can help businesses and organizations get a move on with tracking and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

The website, run by Sun Microsystems, is a place for organizations to calculate their emissions and access resources for how to reduce them. But the bigger purpose of the site goes far beyond these simple tasks.

Lori Duvall, Eco Responsibility Program Manager for Sun Microsystems, was kind enough to talk with us about what the site improvements mean for GHG reduction. can now track a broader spectrum of emission sources, including the ability to input data from utilities such as steam, and mobile sources and business travel, along with standards such as electricity and natural gas use. By providing a bigger-picture approach to recording emissions, helps to track the true footprint so that significant and impactful changes can be made.

Duvall emphasized the top level dashboard that is available to users, which provides information back in different ways according to a users knowledge and skill set. Users can see basic data that is organized intuitively, or, as they become more comfortable with the website, highly detailed information about their carbon footprint.

Additionally, other users can compare their footprint to others to see how they’re doing and where they could improve to keep up with those ahead of the game. Users have the ability to interact with others, getting tips, advice and encouragement, showing that reducing our emissions is a group effort and cooperation is the best way forward.

As Duvall stated, talking about the journey is a big part of the process towards sustainability. This tool helps illustrate the journey for its users, and makes goals much more attainable.

Infact, Sun itself is using to track its own emissions, acting as a lab for others to learn from. The company hopes to experiment and continue to add tools, such as notifications when data entered seems skewed, so that the user knows to double check what they’ve entered.

Tools like this that allow companies to move quickly forward to reduce emissions, rather than everyone having to start from ground zero, will help us accomplish the 350 goal we all have swirling above our heads.

You can hear more about OpenEco's upgrades on their blog radio program.

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