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There's a Green Map hanging in my hallway at home, and once in awhile I glance at it and think oh yeah, I should use this more, have it with me in the bike bag. But the problem with the Green Map is that it can show you where a bike collective is located (and that's great) but gives you little to no info on the place itself.

Green Maps to become interactive green social networks
Until now. The Green Maps non-profit is taking their maps along with a system of icons, and a dedicated group of map-makers interactive. Over 450 cities, towns and other areas already have a Green Map in printed or online format. When Open Green Map debuts a little later this year, map users will be able to unite as green communities. As Wendy Breyer of Green Map Systems commented to the Media Shift Idea Lab blog, with Open Green Map:

"It happens, it becomes data, it gets mapped."
Open Green Map will let any registered (no charge) share their own "sustainability" insights and recommendations. Local knowledge about a swiftly-changing green scene can be easily updated and new icons added to map. Users will be able to upload photos and texts with their recos, and can connect to each other. Archiving this kind of green cultural and community knowledge seems like it could help make a great leap forward, or be crucial in crisis situations.

Green Maps is also planning on mobile applications of the map data, though they haven't yet described exactly how this will work. But wouldn't it be great if you could someday text the map-savvy in any city and find out the best place to get an organic taco or and eco-friendly bike tour?

To participate in Open Green Maps' ongoing development process of expanding participation to its maps, check out the preview page. To see what a starting Open Green Map looks like check out some cities here. Via ::GreenMap
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