Online solar marketplace is like an eBay for solar

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Millions of solar PV installations are in place across Europe, but up until recently, there was no direct way to buy or sell interest in them, other than through purchasing shares in the companies.

With the current invested capital estimated at €117 billion in European solar PV installations (and the market expected to double by 2015), there's a lot of opportunity for buying and selling interest in existing projects, future project rights, and in connecting land owners and solar developers.

And that's where Milk the Sun comes in. This startup from Berlin has launched a beta version of their online solar market platform, which aims to make investing in solar PV projects both simple and transparent. Users can search for surfaces (land or rooftops) to install a project, search for a profitable solar project to invest in, offer up their own roof or land for lease or solar development, or list an existing solar plant for sale.

This new marketplace is said to cut both transaction costs and the time needed to launch a solar project by cutting out the middlemen. Developers, investors, installers, and owners can register and search for potential business partners on Milk the Sun, enabling a new international market for renewable energy.

While the Milk the Sun market includes the possibility of individual sales, it also focuses on the long term with their lifecycle approach, which enables PV projects to remain on the platform for more than 20 years and continue to generate revenue over that time. The company also offers automated tools for performance evaluation and portfolio management, and Milk the Sun includes other services such as legal, banking, insurance, and technical support for projects

For more information, or to register to use the marketplace, see Milk the Sun.

Online solar marketplace is like an eBay for solar
A new online market platform is connecting existing solar projects and people that have solar panels (or space to install them) with investors who want to fund them.

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