One BC Resident Proves You Can Make Your Own 50lb, Hybrid Electric Kinetic Photovoltaic Vehicle

hybrid-kinetic-electric-vehicle photo

Photo: Terry Hope

Well, depending on your technical expertise. This highly customized hybrid electric kinetic bike, called the KPV, was built by Terry Hope of British Columbia. The bike/scooter (Hope doesn't seem sure how to categorize it) is a unique and complicated machine, but in a CNN iReport page, Hope attempts an explanation:

Okay I will give a basic rundown... the generator charges the capacitor bank, with a flip of a switch mounted on the handle bars beside the throttle grip. The generated solar power can charge any 2 cells/caps at one time via 4 rocker switches. Each of the booster packs are turned on/off via another group of rockers switches mounted on the handle bars opposite the throttle, and when turned on power the motor directly combined with the throttle output from the controller.
The point is that the thing works, as you can see in a YouTube video Hope produced:

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