On The Immorality of Buying Electronics

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TechCrunch has a great opinion piece about our greatest sin as electronics consumers -- that we don't see, and therefore don't care nearly enough, about the environmental and social conditions in which the devices are made (which are so terrible because that's how to satisfy the marketplace and the bottom line).

"The "great sin" isn't Apple's, or any one of the other major international corporations that use Foxconn or similar megafactories. And it isn't Foxconn's either. It's clearly, inescapably, ours."

The author lines out three usual responses by consumers in dealing with the immorality of buying gadgets, and the possible fixes, including third party certifications, requiring "ingredient" lists and so on. It's very, very much worth a solid read. If you enjoy gadgets like iPhones, laptops, digital cameras and so on, it's a must-read piece.

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