OLED Space Dress and LED Wedding Dress - Next Wave or New Waste?

oled dress photo

Photos via OLED Info and Trendhunter

Remember that lovely and interesting dress covered in wind-powered LEDs in the pattern of daisies? Well it seems that was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dresses that light up. These dresses can be added to the fashion show - one constructed of OLED panels and the other boasting 300 LEDs for a glowing wedding night. Check out a video of the wedding dress illuminated on the dance floor after the jump.The OLED dress is a PR stunt, intended to help the launch of a $45.5 million UK government strategy that'll keep the UK as a global leader in the high-growth and environmentally friendly plastic electronics industry, which includes printing OLEDs.

LED wedding dress photo

Photo via Trendhunter

This dress has an incredible 300 LED bulbs embroidered into the skirt. They're created by a company called Enlightened on a made-to-order basis. But 300 embroidered bulbs doesn't make for very easy dry cleaning. Luckily they last ages and so perhaps this dress becomes an heirloom item that'll light up for a daughter on her wedding day. If not...seems a bit of an e-waste for a dress worn on one day.

But LEDs on dresses may already be old news, considering OLEDs are the next big thing coming to market in lighting technology.

According to Photonics, the global market for printable electronics is forecast to grow to as much as $330 billion by 2027 and create up to 20,000 jobs in the UK. They state, "The largest growth in the sector is predicted to take place in the markets for rollable electronic display screens, ultraefficient lighting and low-cost, long-life solar cells."

Let's hope that doesn't include glowing dresses...unless they're used for something more practical like bike safety clothing or something.

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