OLED Screen Stands Up Against Hammer!! Or...Maybe Not. (Video)

oleds take abuse image

Image via YouTube video screengrab

OLEDs are getting some buzz thanks to a new video showing how a flexible OLED screen holds up against a hammer. For some, it means exciting prospects of indestructible OLED TVs. But for those who look closely, there's something suspicious going on...

Um....is it just me or does it look like the hammer never even touches the OLED screen? Seems to be an old fashioned fake-out. I'm not convinced... (Turn the sound off so the hammer noise doesn't throw you and see if you see the same thing.)

At any rate, of course the LCD screen shatters and the flexible OLED screen "doesn't" - they're constructed in completely different ways.

It's true that OLEDs present some excellent potential for energy efficiency, and probably for durability. But this video doesn't cut it for proving without a doubt that an OLED is hammer-resistant. Nice try though - maybe take a hammer, then a rock, then drop it a few times, and maybe it'll be convincing. Or maybe it's just me being skeptical -- does it look real to you?

I hope I'm wrong since I'd love a cell phone with an OLED screen that won't scratch.

Video via OLED Info
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