Oh! The Irony! Hannspree Polar Bear HDTV

polar bear tv photo

Image via Ubergizmo

Hannspree is taking television to a new cuddly level for kids with their latest model sporting a television screen poking out from a polar bear's belly. Is this a reminder that by sitting around watching a television that consumes dirty power from coal plants, you're helping to melt ice caps and kill off your polar bear buddies? The TV is shown off at CES 2010 -- no, I'm not there yet but will be shortly and will see if I can find this thing on the tradeshow floor...but thankfully Ubergizmo is already there to bring us this ironic piece of gadgetry. The television designed by Hannspree has a 19" screen inside a much larger, stuffed polar bear.

Trying to get kids to love the TV even more? Or perhaps interact closely with nature shows? Have more sympathy for endangered species? Hummm...

If we aren't more careful with our electronics, energy consumption, and conservation efforts, they might need to bring out a new model that has this happy polar bear facing feet to sky and little Xs over its eyes.

It's priced at $299. We aren't sure yet about the energy efficiency ratings.

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