Oh, Please No - TwitterPeek Is an e-Waste Mess of a One Trick Pony

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Image via Ubergizmo

This is a great one for our UnTreehugger category. It's a device that does just one thing, just one thing that any smart phone or computer can do for you, just one thing that no one really needs a device to do. It checks your Twitter account. Twitter is an amazing tool for social networking, and practically everyone is jumping on the bandwagon creating apps and tools to help make using it more effective. But this TwitterPeek is the last thing any Twitter user needs.

The device is $99 with a 6-month subscription for coverage, or $199 for a full year of checking your Twitter account....which you could do on your phone or computer for no cost at all. Even PC World asks, "Why?"

Fast Company has created a funny Five #Fails for the device, including the fact that the screen doesn't show a full tweet, but a shortened 20-character version, that there isn't browser connectivity so you can't click on links or see images within tweets, and that the price point is just flat out ridiculous. We're eager to add a few more, including that it's a huge contributor to e-waste - people will buy it, not like it, and toss it; that it isn't reusable for any other function, that it does something that can be done with devices you already have - and that it sucks up yet more electricity when we already have too many gadgets outpacing energy efficiency measures.

TwitterPeek earns a great big groan from us. We're guessing - we're hoping - it won't sell and will disappear as quickly as it appeared.

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