Ocean Film Fest 2010: Roz Savage On What It Takes to Row Across Oceans (Video)

roz savage rowing photo

Photo via Flickr/Roz Savage

Roz Savage is one of our favorite ocean activists. No ocean-oriented festival is complete without her, and luckily, the Ocean Film Fest 2010 was complete. The film Rowing The Atlantic by JB Benna of Journeyfilm is comprised of much of the footage shot by Roz during the row, with some hair-raising moments. It was shown on Friday evening, and Roz hopped up on stage after to answer questions. Check out a trailer of the film highlighting the trials and triumphs of rowing across an entire ocean, and hear what Roz had to say about some of the high points of her adventure.

Roz is a huge inspiration to anyone looking at a project and wondering if it's too big to take on. Odds are, it's not. She mixes in ocean activism into her message, turning each of her personal journeys into a message about protecting marine life. Also, check out photos of one leg of her Pacific rowing adventure in this slideshow.

Here, she talks about some of the preparation, the mental trials, and the funny moments of rowing an entire ocean...alone.

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