Obama, You Know You're The S**t When Lichen Is Named After You

lichen named after obama photo

Caloplaca obamae growing on Pleistocene soils on Santa Rosa Island. Credit: J. C. Lendemer

That's right. A species of lichen was discovered by lichen curator of University of California, Kerry Knudsen, who decided to name it after President Obama in appreciation for his support of sciences. It's a happy story for two reasons.

Nestled in on Santa Rosa Island off the California coast is a newly discovered species of lichen that nearly became extinct due to overgrazing by non-native cattle, deer and elk. However, it's on the recovery, thanks to the removal of cattle from the island, and the future removal of the deer and elk.

And now has the honor of being the first species of any organism to be named after President Obama

"I named it Caloplaca obamae to show my appreciation for the president's support of science and science education," [Knudsen] said. "I made the final collections of C. obamae during the suspenseful final weeks of President Obama's campaign for the United States presidency."

Seriously, what higher celebrity status can you hope to achieve when you already have new species being named after you?

Via Live Science
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