nPower PEG Crowdsources Energy For Developing Nations

npefg photo© CrisisMappers/Indiegogo

Solar and wind-powered chargers are cool, but they require resources beyond our control in order to work. Find yourself without power on a cloudy or breeze-less day, and you've got a dead gadget on your hands. Kinetic energy, power generated from movement, is a promising renewable energy source, especially for those of us constantly on the move.

A while ago we reported on the nPower PEG, a portable charging that harvests the passive energy generated by your body during almost any type of exercise. After a long wait, the nPower PEG finally hit the commercial market this summer. Now its developers have teamed up with to help bring much-needed off-grid energy to people in developing countries.

Whether it's a natural disaster or a political uprising, people on the ground with access to mobile technologies are the best source of accurate information. In order to get their needs and stories out to the world, these devices need to stay charged, which is especially difficult in times of crisis. That's what makes the nPower PEG and CrisisMappers such perfect partners.

Crisis Mappers tweet and text in real time from crisis areas to create maps which emergency responders use to target help for those most in need. However, in many places, especially in developing countries, at critical moments where crisis mapping is most valuable there is no reliable electrical grid to power mobile phones. Tremont Electric (the company that makes the nPower PEG) is now working with CrisisMappers identify people off the grid in developing nations with the most extreme and urgent needs for mobile power. With help from supporters on Indiegogo, they'll help put nPower PEGs in the hands of those who need them most.

Learn more about this important campaign and how you can support the effort here.

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