Nokia's Fabric-Like Electronics Will Keep Gadgets from Breaking (Video)

nokia electronic skin image

Image via dvice

What doesn't bend, breaks. Cell phone companies know this and Nokia is working on devising a flexible form of electronics that can help make our gadgets last longer, no matter how rough we are on them. In fact, they'd be as flexible as our skin, as shown with the touchpad above that is more thin and flexible than a fruit roll-up.
Nokia and the University of Cambridge Research Center have already made significant progress. And OLED and e-paper displays are already ultra thin and flexible so, as Dvice points out, it's only a short matter of time before Nokia creates a cell phone that can bend to the curve of our back pockets without dialing our entire contacts list every time we shift in our seat. This will make cell phones all that much more durable, hopefully with cracked screens and shattered cases a thing of the past.

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