Nokia Morph Cellphone Would Let You Bend and Fold to Your Heart's Content

nokia morph phone

Having adopted a noticeably greener tack - unveiling both the Remade and Evolve 3110 phones within the past 3 months - Nokia is pushing the envelope with a new nanotechnology concept to be launched alongside MoMA's "Design and the Elastic Mind" exhibition - the Morph. A joint collaboration between the Nokia Research Center and the University of Cambridge, it promises to provide a versatile user experience: its flexible materials would allow you to stretch and bend it to your heart's content, and its self-cleaning surfaces would help make upkeep much easier.

Of course, this futuristic technology comes with its caveats: Nokia and University of Cambridge officials predicted that certain elements of the Morph might be available to integrate into phones within 7 and "initially only at the high-end." In other words, don't hold your breath.

Still, if you're in the NYC area and have been itching to visit MoMA, it's certainly worth a look - and hopefully will be a sign of things to come in future handhelds.

Via ::Gizmodo: Nokia Morph Cellphone Rolls Up, Stretches, Cleans Itself (blog), ::IntoMobile: Video: Nokia Morph: The future form factor of our mobile devices will be defined by us (blog)

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