Nokia Back in GreenPeace's Good Graces

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GreenPeace's Ranking Guide shows how electronics manufacturers line up

The latest edition of GreenPeace's Greener Electronics Guide has Nokia shining in the spotlight with a 7 out of 10. To get back to the top, Nokia added in a take-back practice in India, cutting down significantly on the amount of e-waste.

GreenPeace's Guide keeps tabs on how eco-friendly various electronics companies are in their products, their production, and their company policies. After most companies took a nose dive when new climate change criteria were added to the ranking considerations, it's good to see they're paying attention - or, some, at least - and are cleaning up their game to keep up with GreenPeace's requirements.

The Sony Ericsson had the top score in the last edition, but dropped down to 5.3 due to its crummy recycling practices. And Nintendo? Still languishing dead last; but instead of a full-on 0, they managed to bump it up to a whopping 0.8. Good going, Nintendo.

The three main criteria for GreenPeace's ranking is ditching hazardous materials, taking responsibility for the product through its lifetime with take-back programs and recycling, and reducing climate impact through their production and operations. These are seriously broad categories, and one would think that it'd be pretty easy to boost your rank without a major overhaul. Though when it comes to greening up, major overhauls are welcome indeed.

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