NOAH iPhone App Lets You Document and Explore Local Wildlife

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There's a reason to practice your iPhone photography skills like Trevor Reichman has done - more and more citizen scientists apps are popping up that put you in the driver's seat for documenting the flora and fauna around your for science's sake. NOAH, or the Networked Organisms and Habitats app is the latest one to crop up, giving users not only a great platform for recording information, but it also tells you more about what's in your area and sends you out on specific missions!With NOAH, you can photograph an interesting plant, bug or animal that you want to learn about, send in the photo along with a little info about where you found it, and store it in the species database. You can sort through the database to find out more about the flora and fauna around you, and your uploaded data will be added upon by local experts.

NOAH app image

You can also help out those studying local wildlife by working with networked research groups. As they need more information, you can be part of various missions, for example, documenting sightings of specific species, tracking bird migrations and other projects.

It's a great way to get reacquainted with the nature that's around you - even in an urban area, you can discover things in parks and walking paths. And the app is free!

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