No Shortage of Alternative Energy Innovations at West Coast Green 2008

green innovation booth photo

Ricardo Baiáo has some very cool concepts for products that utilize alternative renewable energy sources. A solar powered outdoor stereo system, a futuristic golf car-style EV, and a kinetically charged cell phone are three of the ideas shown of at the Innovation Pipeline of West Coast Green 2008.

The Sunflower - pictured above - is a cd player and loudspeaker system that charges via sunlight. It's a cool-looking way to have a renewably powered party on your patio. The concept is just one of many bouncing around in Baiáo's head. Get a closer look at his other innovations after the jump.

atlas cell phone photo

The Atlas cell phone uses kinetic energy to charge up.

It’s all made of aluminum and glass. The central sapphire glass reveals the generating and charging unit. Power comes from kinetic energy similar to that found in watches that use oscillating weight to power a mainspring.

electric dauphin car photo

The Dauphin is a futuristic way of getting around town.

Peugeot Dauphin is a pure electric vehicle. It can be charged at home just like a cellular phone and the full charge takes just a little over six hours. An Electric vehicle with two magnetic motors designed to run almost noiselessly for as far as 300 kilometers on one charge. The Dauphin communicates wirelessly with your home computer ( internet server ), and you can receive information when ever you need it, maps, directions, phone calls.

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