No Petroleum for Pooch

Back in the dark ages, when your faithful mutt begged for a bone, there were plenty lying around from dinner. Now, since we can get chicken breasts and tofu at the store, there aren't many bones for Fido. As substitutes, we use PVC squeaky toys and plastic bones. But when these playthings get ripped to shreds in your backyard, that precious plastic is lost forever -- dogs don't recycle much.
Next time you're at the store, try these alternative "bones" made from cornstarch plastic and flavored in a variety of tasty choices.
Your (furry) baby can choose between cheese, beef & veggie, chicken, or even bacon. And when your pooch is done with them all the little bits will biodegrade and fertilize your garden -- just like Pooch's other bits... For those gems, these are what you need. :: Booda Velvets Doggie Bones [by DM]