No More Excuses for US, China: Google Funds Clean Energy Study

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As we know, Google is hard core about getting on target with a switch to renewable energies.

The US and China are big old guilty culprits in energy consumption and carbon emissions. Google is helping to get both on track by helping to fund the US National Academies’ participation in a joint study that will analyze how the two countries can clean up their acts. Google is dolling out a pocket-change amount (for them) of $250,000 for the US end of the research team. The Chinese Academies of Science and Engineering are the other half.

The research will take a look at resources, capacities for large-scale alternative energy, and commercialization of technologies.

The study will start on November 12 and we’ll hear back in 18 months. Granted, studies take a long time, but with things changing so rapidly in alternative energy technologies, it’ll be interesting to see what of the study will still be relevant after a year and a half. Then again, perhaps much of it will apply well:

By focusing on grid-scale electricity generation, the study will give special attention to three major resources: wind, solar, and biomass. It will also consider technologies with longer time horizons, such as enhanced geothermal and tidal power. It will build on the current AEF study, which is assessing the technology risks and tradeoffs for various energy technologies.

It’ll be interesting to see what the this report will say, as well as what the US and China will look like in mid-2010.

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