Next-gen electric scooter is like a two-wheeled pickup truck

kubo electric scooter from Lit Motors
© Lit Motors

Electric scooters aren't new, by any means, but an electric scooter that can carry you and your gear, cleanly and quickly, certainly could be a new and innovative way to get around the city.

And if the latest project from Lit Motors gets fully funded (as it seems to be well on track to be), we may be seeing these two-wheeled mini-trucks scooting around town in the near future.

Lit Motors has been making waves in electric transportation options with their self-balancing, enclosed motorcycle, but that might be too much vehicle (and at too high of a cost) for many people who want a smaller option for a quiet, clean, and cheap to operate, personal vehicle.

The company's kubo scooter, however, might be the perfect option for hauling not just ourselves around, but also all of our gear or groceries, without having to fit it all in a backpack.

Designed and built as a side project, the idea for the kubo came about because they "couldn't find a good quality electric scooter anywhere". This 100% electric scooter looks a bit odd, when compared to traditional moped and scooter designs, but that's because it's made specifically to haul more than just a person. The 22" square cargo area within the frame of the scooter has loops, hooks, and rails to secure your gear while in transport, and the kubo can handle up to 300 lb (rider's weight plus the cargo).

kubo has a top speed of 45 mph, and a range of 50 miles per full charge. The onboard charger can be plugged into any standard outlet and is said to charge the scooter "in a few hours".

Lit Motors has turned to crowdfunding to help get this little powerhouse to market, and their Kickstarter campaign has a goal of raising $300,000 by December 20th. Backers at the $5000 level will be the first to get their own kubo, which is said to be less than the expected retail price of the scooter. If successful, the company hopes to begin production in April of 2014.

Next-gen electric scooter is like a two-wheeled pickup truck
This electric cargo scooter could transform urban transportation, if the Kickstarter campaign is successful.

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