New Yorkers! Drop Off Your Old Electronics Free on Saturday at Tekserve in NYC

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Tekserve is hosting a free e-waste drop off on Saturday, January 16th in New York City. The last event saw 23 tons of old electronics collected and kept out of landfill. Services like this are more important than ever now that NYC's "Build It Green" recycling drop-off program was suspended and the city's law to have manufacturers foot the bill for door-to-door collection has sparked up a lawsuit from the Consumer Electronics Association. And you get the chance to win a MacBook Air just for doing the right thing and clearing out your office drawers!You can get a list of what you can and can't bring in for recycling at Tekserve's website - as well as a list of where you can donate electronics in working condition - and the drop off will run from 10 am to 4 pm at Tekserve's storefront.

Tekserve's e-waste partner is the Lower East Side Ecology Center. This group works with Sims Recycling Solutions, who guarantees a zero-landfill policy, zero out-sourcing (as in the products will not be exported to e-waste dumps), and that the components are sent to proper resellers, recovery refiners, and manufacturers.

About that prize:

"To celebrate the event, anyone bringing electronics to be recycled can register at Tekserve for a raffle to win a MacBook Air. All participants in the event will also receive a coupon for a $25 discount on any new current model iPod (except Shuffle) or computer purchased within 30 days after the event. Coupons cannot be combined with other offers."

If you have some old gadgets or computers just waiting to be given new life and you're near New York City, plan a little trip to Tekserve on Saturday!

Not in the NYC area? Check out info about how and where to recycle all your gadgets.

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