New York Subway Train Filled With Apples Is Emptied Onto Platform, Illustrates Food Waste (Video)

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Every day, New York City residents waste 270,000 pounds of food. Want to know what that looks like? Here's an unforgettable way to imagine it - fill up a subway train with the equivalent amount of apples, and release it onto the people waiting on the platform.

New York's City Harvest food bank created this commercial to illustrate the point that as thousands of pounds of food is wasted daily, thousands of residents don't have enough to eat. In other words, our food distribution processes bite - not just in the US, but worldwide. City Harvest works to change that on a local level.

This year alone, the group will "rescue" and deliver more than 25 million pounds of quality food that would otherwise go to waste. Like the Robin Hoods of freeganism. Sort of.

The group collects food from the food industry, including restaurants, grocers, corporate cafeterias, manufacturers, and farms, and delivers it for free to nearly 600 community food programs throughout New York City using a fleet of trucks and - YAY! - bikes as well as volunteers on foot.

With their work, we can avoid subway trains full of apples being unleashed onto commuters.

And no, 270,000 pounds of apples weren't used to make the point. Here's a video on how they created the video:

Via Serious Eats New York
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