New Website Helps Job Hunters Find Green Collar Work

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We've heard recently that green collar jobs in California are growing at a brisk clip, relatively speaking, and the job sector as a whole will continue to grow as more cleantech initiatives are put into place thanks to the Obama administration.

But no matter where you are in the country, finding a green collar job can be that much easier with the help of Green Buildings Jobs - a website that helps match job seekers up with a green employment opportunity. is a resource of job listings for seekers, as well as posting services for employers and recruiters. The industries listed include construction, green building and environmental protection.

While there is only a handful of jobs on the site right now, the resource will grow as more people look to specialize in the green building sector. The three states with the most job opportunities are Washington DC, California and New York - three states with a whole lot happening in terms of the environment, politics, and leading the green way.

Via Good Clean Tech
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