New Wastewater Treatment Tech Ditches Chemicals, Generates Clean Energy

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Pasteurization Technology Group (PTG) has just raised $1 million from EIC Ventures and almost $2 million in total funding for its new approach to wastewater treatment that ditches chlorine and other chemicals and generates renewable energy at the same time.

PTG's water cleaning technology, as you might guess from its name, uses pasteurization to rid wastewater of bacteria. The self-contained system brings dirty water to 180 degrees Fahrenheit using excess heat from an electricity generator run on biogas. That biogas is captured in a digester from the solid sewage waste that is removed from the wastewater. The system is 90 percent energy efficient, allowing customers to significantly reduce electricity and water costs, where traditional wastewater treatment can be quite energy-intensive and expensive. Any excess energy generated by the biogas system can be stored or sold to the grid.

PTG's technology is capable of processing millions of gallons of wastewater a day for cities and towns, agricultural businesses, energy companies, food and beverage companies and many others. It hasn't identified their existing clients by name yet, but the startup is already generating revenue and working with two municipalities in California, a fruit-and-nut agricultural business and a snack food producer.

New Wastewater Treatment Tech Ditches Chemicals, Generates Clean Energy
Pasteurization Technology Group has come up with a way to clean up wastewater without the use of chemicals and generate renewable energy at the same time.

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