New technology said to neutralize carbon fuel pollution emissions

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If the claims from HydroInfra Technologies are to be believed, their HNG, or HydroNano Gas, process can instantly neutralize carbon pollution emissions, which could be a huge step forward for cleaning up our energy-related emissions from oil or gas-fired power plants.

The company has pioneered an energy-efficient and low-cost method of extracting hydrogen from water through the use of a low energy pulse, which yields what they call HNG. The substance is said to have an abundance of "exotic hydrogen" in a specific ratio with oxygen, which lends it unique properties that are taken advantage of in the company's scrubber technology.

"HNG acts like a vortex on fossil fuel emissions causing the flame to be pulled into the center thus concentrating the heat and combustion properties.

HNG is stored in canisters, arrayed around the emission outlet channels. HNG is injected into the outlets to safely & effectively clean up the burning of fossil fuels.

The pollution emissions are neutralized instantly & safely with no residual toxic cocktail or chemicals to manage after the HNG burning process is initiated." - HydroInfra

The HydroInfra scrubbers work by using a series of three processes on the gases, starting with the burner and the smokestack and then finishing with a "wet" treatment to remove any final pollutants from the emissions.

Among the pollutant emissions removed with the HNG process are carbon dioxide (CO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), soot, particulates, mercury, and other heavy metals. The company is currently working on a joint venture to convert some ocean-going ships to use the process, and is looking to bring their technology to oil and coal-fired power plants.

New technology said to neutralize carbon fuel pollution emissions
A Swedish company claims that their "nano gas" can reduce power plant pollution emissions to zero, safely and cost-effectively.

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