New Study: Cold Beers Warming Planet

2007-12-02_111359fridge.jpgOne in three Canadian households have an old fridge full of beer cranking away in the basement or back porch. They tend to be older vintage power hogs; University of Alberta researcher Denise Young calculates that savings would total 1,165.7 million kWh annually if Canadians threw out their beer fridges.

"A reduction in the use of 'beer fridges' or a movement towards the use of newer and smaller energy-efficient models in Canada would lead to lower levels of energy use in the residential sector and, in some regions, lower emissions of greenhouse gases," says Denise.

Alternatively they can ship them to Quebec; it gets all of its electricity from hydro power so there are no greenhouse gases generated keeping their beer cold. So we should all be like Franke James and dump our fridges, and use the tried and true Canadian method shown beneath the fold. ::CBC2007-12-02_112537.jpg

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