New Song Bird Discovered, With A Face You'll Never Forget

bald song bird discovered photo

Image via Discovery, Credit: Iain Woxvold/University of Melbourne

You usually picture song birds as being as beautiful in plumage as they are in their sound. But a newly discovered song bird species may flip that notion on its head, thanks to its bald head, a characteristic that makes it completely unique for its type. Bald-Headed Bulbul
Scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society and the University of Melbourne discovered pycnonotus hualon, this bald-headed, pink-faced songbird, while surveying a limestone outcrop in Laos. It has the stand-out feature of being the only bald-headed songbird in all of Asia.

And that's just how the scientists came up with its new name - the bulbul was named Pycnonotus hualon, with "hualon" being the Lao word for "bald-headed." It's the first new species of bulbul found in Asia in over 100 years.

It's always so much nicer to hear about a species being discovered, instead of being wiped out. Read the neat story about how the bird was found and caught at Discovery News.
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