Watch what's happening with energy legislation across the U.S. with this free online database

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State legislatures in the United States are currently considering more than 2,000 bills that will influence our country's energy systems, and could change the way we use, produce, and purchase energy. Keeping track of those bills which will directly affect what's happening in energy policy in our area or region has been quite a task up until now, but thanks to a new online database, the information can be easily searched and accessed all in one place.

The Advanced Energy Legislation (AEL) Tracker, from Colorado State University's energy policy Center for the New Energy Economy (CNEE) and Advanced Energy Economy, is a free, searchable database of pending advanced energy legislation, covering everything from the generation of electricity and energy efficiency to infrastructure and economic development issues.

According to Bill Ritter, Jr. (former CO governor and current director of CNEE), the transition to more advanced energy policies in the U.S. is being led by the individual states, and the new database can help inform a wide range of stakeholders:

"To get the pulse of where the country is going we need to understand what the states are doing. AEL Tracker brings together information on energy-related legislation in all 50 states, in a form that is easily accessible not only to lawmakers at all levels of government, but to academics, analysts, environmentalists, funders, business leaders and the general public. It will allow our Center to conduct critical academic analysis of issues related to energy legislation nationwide." - Ritter

The AEL Tracker allows any user to search across all 50 states, or just a single or selection of states, and 10 different categories, and quickly get the current legislative language, any recent actions on the bills, information about the bill sponsors, and policy trend analyses.

The database, the first of its kind, seems an obvious asset to researchers and businesses in the industry, but could also be incredibly helpful for the average layman to get easy access, in one central location, to the information that was previously scattered across a variety of sources.

"This online database provides information on critical state legislation that is available nowhere else. AEL Tracker is a nonpartisan tool that allows researchers, journalists, policymakers and concerned citizens to follow and analyze advanced energy legislation, individually and in aggregate. We hope this unique database will increase awareness of advanced energy and the way state action can unleash its economic potential for the United States." - Graham Richard, CEO of AEE

According to the AEL Tracker, users can currently view over 2,250 bills related to advanced energy topics, organized into the categories of Electricity Generation, Energy Efficiency, Financing, Regulatory, Natural Gas, Emissions, Transportation, Infrastructure, Economic Development, and "Other Energy ".

Take a look at the info available for your state or area of interest at AEL Tracker.

Watch what's happening with energy legislation across the U.S. with this free online database
Keeping an eye on pending state legislation across a wide range of advanced energy categories just got a whole lot easier.

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