The new greener winter sport: Droneboarding

Video screen capture Droneboarding

For years, I have felt guilty about my snowboarding, burning gas to drive to the hills to be electrically winched up a hill to slide down on artificial snow that consumed untold kWh to make. Seriously guilty. I know, I should have been cross-country skiing, it's healthier and human powered. Now that I have that out of the way: here is the answer to the green snowboarding conundrum: Droneboarding.

You just find yourself a piece of unobstructed snow-covered ground and away you go. The first known video of it, filmed somewhere in Russia, is even urban, with a child being pulled down a city street. He or she might even find this a good way to get to school.

Here is a much more powerful drone, an Aerones drone, pulling a snowboarder across an abandoned airfield in Rumbula, Latvia last month. According to their press release, "A special drone was designed that has the lifting force of 37kg. This is more than enough to tow snowboarder, skateboarder, longboarder or any similar type of board sport activist."

On the Verge, Jacob Kastrenakes thinks that this will become a wild and crazy sport, recommending that "Everyone please be careful while droneboarding. The future may be here but universal healthcare isn't! I am not so sure, and think it looks rather sedate, no steep icy hills to slide down on my rear end, perfect for us older grays on trays.

Found on Geekology.

The new greener winter sport: Droneboarding
Now you don't need to drive to the hills to get a good run; just get towed by a drone.

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