New Fax-to-Twitter Service Misses The Point of Computers, Wastes Paper (Video)

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Anyone - even people who don't want to use a computer - can use Twitter now. A fax-to-Twitter service called Celery lets people write out a note, fax it in, and have it posted to Twitter for them. The 80-year-old woman interviewed using the service (video after the jump) says her daughter talks too much and wastes her time, so she'd rather just waste a lot of paper using Celery so she can have lovely, short, one-sided conversations. No need for those pesky devices like phones or computers. Bah! But, ah, isn't that wasting a lot of paper?

It kinda has a point, considering people who don't have access to computers may want to take part in something like Twitter or somewhat instant hand-written letters. Using Celery doesn't require an extra phone line, Internet access, software programs, and so on. So we do like the idea that it helps close the digital divides. But the fact that you have to use a sheet of paper for every Tweet, and that it auto-prints incoming email, Tweets, RSS feeds and Facebook updates in real time (a setting not likely to be adjusted by users of Celery to save paper), is just aggravating.

We've come to an age where we can nearly stop cutting down trees for paper (even for snail mail!), and most anyone of any age can get access to and learn how to use a computer and the Internet, yet we revert back to fax machines. And for mothers who think talking to their daughters takes up too much time. This really defeats the goals of Twittering For Trees.

Lesson: let's practice paperless family love.

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