New England's Largest Wind Energy Project Gets Approved

wind turbines in maine
Maine's Land Use Regulation Commission has just approved what will become New England's largest source of wind energy - the Stetson Wind Project. The $100m 38-turbine wind farm, to be built on Washington County's Stetson Mountain, is expected to generate - at maximum capacity - over 150m kWh of electricity annually, which is roughly equivalent to the amount of yearly electricity used by 27,500 households.

The turbine towers will each stand about 262 ft tall and have 253 ft blade diameters; the project is being headed by UPC Wind, a company based in Newton, MA, and will directly supply New England's Power grid. Currently, the largest wind farms in the U.S. are in Texas, California and the Midwest; according to the American Wind Energy Association's (AWEA) rankings, Texas leads the race so far, having already installed 2,763 MW, with California in close tow, with 2,361 MW installed.

Via ::Technology Review Editors: Green Light for Wind-Energy Project (blog)

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