New England Aquarium Focuses on Climate Change with Mobile Tours

new england aquarium photo

Photo via aj_and_marguerite via Flickr CC

Now when you walk through the New England Aquarium (a past pick for a great staycation), you're encouraged to keep your cell phones and MP3 players up and running so that the aquarium can infuse your brain with climate change information.The aquarium's new Blue Impact Tour gives visitors a broader perspective on global climate change's impact on Boston Harbor, sea turtles, North Atlantic right whales, sea jellies, shore birds, lobsters, and coral reefs. Not only does it cover how global warming is changing sea levels and food supplies, but also uses animations to illustrate what the impacts look like, both locally and globally.

The tour can be accessed and downloaded before the visit, so you can be prepared when you get there. Audio tours are a great way to move through a setting like an aquarium, where it can be difficult to wedge your way up to the signage that explains what you're looking at. With an audio tour, you are guided through the exhibits, and with the focus on climate change, you're truly being educated about the bigger picture as you loop through tanks and display windows.

All downloads are available from the Aquarium's web page or from iTunes. Thanks to the video component of the tour, you don't have to actually visit to learn a big chunk of information - you can watch online. Not quite the same level of interaction, but still educational and really interesting.

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