New E-Waste Recycling Opportunities


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This is a guest post from Tom Szaky, the founder and CEO of TerraCycle, the world’s first company that manufactures and packages products from garbage.

As new electronics are introduced all the time, the piles of e-waste grow and grow. According to the EPA, the United States on the whole throws out over 2 million tons of e-waste a year, which equals nearly 216 million units. While the 'per-person' impact seems minimal (who throws out multiple keyboards or cell phones a year?) the total numbers speak for themselves. Plus, there must more e-waste than we think. After all, who doesn't have an old monitor or monolithic desk tower in their basement or closet?TerraCycle recently launched a Keyboard and Mice Brigade® with Logitech, which I'm pretty excited about because it opens up a whole new industry for TerraCycle and a new option for e-waste recycling. As something of a tech geek myself, I haven't failed to notice the limited recycling options myself and even what's out there is poorly utilized!

When I found myself in a computer store recently, I started wondering what else Logitech is doing for sustainability. E-waste isn't the only environmental concern when it comes to electronics - many computers, TVs, and printers use power all day long. Believe it or not, keyboards and mice can be included in this - they draw energy off the computers that are plugged in all day!

I came across Logitech's brand new solar keyboard for Mac. I was impressed because not only does Logitech think about end-of-life solutions for their keyboards and mice, they also make sure the box is 100% recyclable, and now they're offering their solar keyboards to another growing group: Mac users - reaching out to as many people as possible.

As a guy who works in an open office and all over the place - trains, planes, conference rooms, etc - I don't want my accessories to make too much noise or have my bag be too heavy. I was glad that the keyboard was light and the keys were quiet - easy to travel with when necessary. Normally, I wouldn't think about carrying a keyboard to use with my laptop. Not only that, but the keys are arranged the same way as a normal Mac keyboard, so I didn't need to adjust to another configuration.

I'm always a fan of the latest eco-friendly finds, and between the packaging, keyboard itself, solar model, and knowing that in a few years I don't need to throw it out, this one is pretty solid.

What green tech items are you using? Are you concerned enough to recycle your e-waste? If so, where do you go to responsibly discard your electronics?

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