New Battery Technology from Apple Could Mean Smart Universal Charging

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Three patent requests made by Apple and published by the US Patent and Trademark office show hints of plans for intelligent charging of universal batteries, making Apple batteries last longer, waste less energy, and be recycled more efficiently. Apple might be stepping up its battery act, at least according to patents published this week that show plans for universal smart batteries that will specifically benefit wireless devices, and can charge anything from cell phones to wireless mouses to laptops.

The new batteries would have several great features that make them greener.

The patent applications go on to propose a system for battery management where the Mac takes a central role. Desktops and portables would have battery charging slots built in and serve as the host for the entire system.

Low batteries would send an alert to the host machine, leading it to inform the user which battery needs to be recharged or replaced, directing the user toward a specific charging slot for a compatible, charged battery. Alerts would be sent early enough so users can save settings or any other work before an imminent power shutoff, the filings note.

The patents seem to point out that the host computer would be able to monitor and control how a battery is charged so that the battery life ix maximized and wasted energy is minimized. There would also be a charging log, and the host computer could even perform reconditioning charges - something many types of batteries need in order to maintain their charge capacity.

This basically is an automatic way to nip vampire power in the bud, as well as ensure batteries last as long as possible. The patents also include users getting recycling credits when they return their old batteries for recycling when the purchase new batteries.

It would be a pretty exciting development for smart charging of a wide range of gadgets.

Via Apple Insider
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