Nest Box with Infrared Camera Brings Birdwatching Indoors


Image Via Proidee

One of the first things we learn as kids when it comes to birdwatching is to leave the nest alone. But how, then, can we enjoy getting up close and personal with those baby birds peeping from the tree in the yard? Maybe the solution is this camera-toting nest box from Proidee. Granted, the techiness of this takes away a little steam out of interacting with wildlife. But it's a pretty cool way to show kids the animals living just outside their door without actually disturbing the animals.

The camera installed in the nest box sends live images and sound up to nearly 330 feet away, so that you can watch and hear the first hatchings of baby birds from your living room television.

nest box camera image

It needs to be plugged in, which is of course a major down side. But, if you can rig it to run on solar power, consider it problem solved. And it is guaranteed for three years.

Nest boxes can be home to all sorts of critters, from birds to bats to rodents of various types. Being able to watch what animals take up house in the nest box is a great way to keep in touch with urban wildlife.

Via Proidee via Gizmodo
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