Nespresso Recycling Program Launched in Spain (Video)

Nespresso capsule recycling program launched in Spain

Just a few months ago, we thought George Clooney's coffee choice could be better. Although fair-trade, Nestlé's Nespresso coffee capsules could not be recycled or reused- until now! At the beginning of this month, Nestlé announced in Madrid, Spain, the launch of the Nespresso Capsule Recycling Program, part of Ecolaboration, not only recycling the packaging, but also the used coffee grounds. The aluminium capsules both guarantee the quality of the coffee and are now 100% recyclable, at least in Spain. Since December this year, the consumer can drop of the used capsules in one of the 100 shops around Spain that participate in the recycling program. A logistics company picks up the used capsules and takes them to a composting plant in Catalonia, Spain. A mechanical process separates the coffee grounds from the aluminium. The coffee is then composted to create high-quality fertiliser whereas the aluminium goes to a nearby recycling plant.

As you can see in the video (voice-over in Spanish), the system could work, although Nespresso depends heavily on the free collaboration of its customers, as well as sales points, in order to achieve its goal to recycle 75% of the capsules by 2013, and reduce the carbon footprint of each cup of coffee by 20%. ::Nespresso Ecolaboration

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