Need Some Weekend Entertainment? DIY Solar Robots for Backyard Battles (Video)

solar robot image

Image via Solarbotics

A greener way to enjoy a crafty and entertaining weekend revolving around electronics is to make your own solar robots to compete in competitions, like tiny offspring of BattleBots. These cool, tiny, spinning robots are fast and easy to whip up, and you can challenge your friends to duals. Check out a video of two "BEAM Solar Symets" battling it out.
Instructibles has complete instructions. Of course, the parts you need are all available on Solarbotic's website, but we're guessing you can improvise and round up some spare parts from around the house to minimize what new parts you need to use to accomplish the task.

Solarbotics has lots of cool solar toy makings, so if you do go over an order parts from their site, be prepared to drool over quite a few tempting gadgets...or spend more than you intended to.

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