Need a Little Help Reaching Your Environmental Goals?

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We all need to have goals. Goals help guide us and give us wings to reach new heights. Becoming green is not a natural process for everybody, and in fact, many of us could use a little help here and there. Maybe we are trying to reduce consumer spending, red meat consumption, or energy consumption. Whatever your environmental goal, they are actually no different than any other success program, and should be treated as such.The basic rule of thumb for reaching any goal is to set an overall goal and then break it down into smaller attainable goals. These small goals are what should be put in front of you everyday. As these goals are reached, new ones can take their place, and thus your progress can continue until the overall goal is achieved. There was a time when in order to produce goal-oriented results we needed a mentor or partner with an iron fist to lead us. Today however, thanks to technology and advanced software, all we need is a computer.

GoalPro is a software program that is set up to break down your larger goals and group them into small attainable ones. These smaller goals are then transforms into daily scheduled tasks to help you organize your tasks throughout the day. The program also offers motivational quotes and images to help maintain a positive attitude. To keep an outlook on how the goal process is progressing, it features goal reports, offering visual confirmation of the positive changes you have been making. A trial version is available and will cost $89 to unlock the full version.

Sculptor3 is a motivational program designed for quick results. The software is scientifically-based, which means it uses a variety of visualizations, subliminal messages, and brain wave (Alpha, Beta, and Theta) stimulation to create a relaxed and optimistic state of consciousness, for maximum concentration to reach your goals. A gender specific library of stories and images, along with a self-guided auto pilot remind you of your daily affirmations while encouraging you to make new ones. Software costs just under $100.

GoalMaker begins by identifying the user and what they want to accomplish. It then takes them through the steps of developing goals, breaking them down, and prioritizing them. To help with motivation, the program celebrates each achievement with a visual reward. A nifty feature with this software is it actually allows an entire family to participate, keeping track of their own goals and daily tasks, while keeping an eye on the families total progress. Tasks can be printed and placed visibly where everyone can see, helping to eliminate the habit of procrastination. Software priced around $75.

Goals are an important part of every person's life and the hardest part is not choosing them, but holding yourself to them. With today's technology, sometimes your greatest ally is right in front of you!

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