NBC Coverage of Wave and Tidal Power

We've been writing about wave and tidal power for over 3 years. They're very promising sources of clean energy and so we're happy to see NBC give them some mainstream coverage.

The first part focuses on Ocean Power Technologies' buoys. The model they show can power 40 houses, but the next one should be able to power 160, with wave farms planned for Spain, Scotland and Oregon.Then NBC has a look at Verdant Power's tidal turbines which we've covered here.

Finally, we learn that PG&E; has its eyes set on San Francisco bay for some sort of tidal power development. ::Wave and Tidal Enegy. See also: ::Wave Power - Alternative Energy Available Today, ::Wave Power: Spotlight on Ocean Power Delivery Ltd, ::Wave Power Update: Retrospective, ::"Lunar Power" comes to New York

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