NASA Time-Lapse Video Shows the Beautiful Lights of Earth

When we think of illuminating images from space, we think of gorgeous photographs of the endless stars like this amazing time-lapse video of the Milky Way, but this new time-lapse video from NASA shows us that our very own planet provides quite the light show.

iss videoNASA/Video screen capture

Created from images taken by the International Space Station, the video showcases the sparkle from the lights of our towns and cities at night, lightning storms and the eery glow of aurora lights as the ISS orbits the planet.

iss videoNASA/Video screen capture

With so much attention being focused on the Mars Curiosity rover (and rightly so), it's important to step back and remember how cool our own planet can be and how amazing our life on it is. While it's wonderful to look at all the photos coming in from Curiosity and imagine what it might take to one day inhabit the red planet, it's also the perfect time to focus on the earth.

Luckily, technology offers us a way to see these unique views of our planet and so much that lies beyond.

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