NASA Satellite Pictures Capture Wildfires' Breadth

wildfire pictures

NASA's Terra and Aqua satellites have been busily recording the breathtaking scope and speed with which the Southern California wildfires have been spreading over the past few days, abetted in large part by strong, dry Santa Ana winds. The image, which was captured by the Terra satellite yesterday afternoon at 2:25pm EST, shows the area between Los Angeles and San Diego - with fire activity indicated by the red pixels.

According to the most recent report by the National Interagency Fire Center, 12 wildfires have burned over 335,000 acres so far. You can follow the fires' path and get continuous updates on NASA's Looking at Earth website.

Via ::NASA: California Wildfires Continue to Grow: NASA Satellite Images Show Fire’s Immense Size (agency website), ::The Great Beyond: California fires from space (blog)

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