myGreenElectronics: A New Resources for Greening Your Gadgets


The Consumer Electronics Association is celebrating the new year by launching a new website, at, which aims to be a resource for finding both electronics recycling and greener electronics local to your area. Working from the idea that electronics are both ubiquitous and helpful in our everyday lives, they don't want you to quit using them (and certainly don't want you to just throw them away); myGreenElectronics hopes to help you learn more about minimizing the environmental impact of these gadgets and toys through responsible use, reuse and recycling. They've also added a fourth "R" to the common Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mantra that gets bandied about these pages: Rethink, and we think that's a biggie. By considering the environment before you ever go shopping, and then finding electronics and accessories that use less energy, are made with recyclable and recycled materials and are easier to upgrade, fix and recycle, you make it easier on yourself, your energy bill, your conscience and your planet. The website has a burgeoning database of ways you can do this, from stereo receivers to batteries and baby monitors to TVs. New green products and recyclers are being added to their database daily, so they encourage you to check back often to see the new ways that you can green your electronics, right in your own backyard. ::myGreenElectronics via ::Hippyshopper

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