Muzatch Solar Laptop Charger is Light Weight Option for Off-Grid Charging

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Photo via Muzatch

There's a new solar laptop charger to add to the list of potential products for off grid charging. This one is super light weight, and foldable - always great features for traveling. It is capable of charging everything from a cell phone to a laptop, but does it line up well against some of the other hefty chargers on the market? It certainly seems to have a few "pros" in its favor. Red Ferret pointed us to this laptop charger that sounds pretty great. Though, beware - the checp price tag probably means it doesn't work as well as one might hope. Really good solar chargers for laptops typically run upwards of $500. This one is just $150.

The specs sound promising, though. It's light, at just under 5 oz, and has an output range from 5V to 22V which is perfect for everything from cell phones to laptops. The lithium battery capacity is 12000mAh/3.7V, with standby: 528 hours. However, I wouldn't bank on being able to run your laptop off of this. Rather, have it in the sun all the time so that when you need extra battery power in a pinch, you have it.

There are a few other great products on the market, and finding the right solar charger for you is a matter of balancing size/portability, price, and power.

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