Motorized Shoe Concept Gives Public Transit a Leg Up Over Cars (Video)

tredway mobility concept image

Image via James Dyson Awards

Getting from home to the bus stop or from the train station to the office can mean needing an extra set of wheels like a bike, making driving a car continue to be a more appealing option than taking public transit. But a new concept called Tredways hopes to make crossing the too-short-to-drive-too-far-to-walk distance from point A to point B faster and easier by turning your shoes into a motorized set of wheels. The designer's website states, "Public transportation sometimes can be very difficult to use. A lot of the issues stem from not being able to get to and from train and bus stations. What we are talking about is the "Last Mile". In short, the last mile is the cracks in the system. It is the distance between your house and the train, the bus and work, the local store and your home. It is any distance that is too far to walk and too short to drive. Treadways are the glue to fill those cracks."

The concept "shoes" act as roller skates, but you can still walk, bike or drive with them on. They're basically like Heelys but for big kids.

So far, they look quite cumbersome, but they could eventually be streamlined to work as intended without the bulk:

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