Moso Bamboo Transplanted From Century-Old Louisiana Grove to Oregon (Video)

If you love bamboo as much as I do, just as a substance, forget about any specific green credentials it has, then check out this short video from Bamboo Revolution. It explains and documents in return for returning one of the original moso bamboo groves on Avery Island, Louisiana to its original condition, they could transplant live plants to their own groves in Oregon. The video explains it all, but should you need more coaxing to hit play, this is from their press release:

Upon its transport to Oregon, the bamboo was planted on Bamboo Revolution's cooperative farm with Bamboo Valley, an established bamboo farm in Albany, Ore. The plants began shooting new growth this spring, and will multiply extremely quickly. Bamboo Revolution's goal is to establish an extensive infrastructure of timber bamboo that can be used to propagate vast tracks of land in cooperation with landowners in both Oregon and the Southeastern U.S.

Since it is such a beautiful and sustainable building product, the popularity of bamboo in the U.S. has exploded over the past decade. The surface has only been scratched in terms of utilizing bamboo, and as traditional woods become less available and more expensive, the demand for manufactured bamboo will increase exponentially. Developing a bamboo industry within the United States will lower the carbon footprint by reducing the distance the materials are transported, and jobs will be created for industries hit hard by the changing economy.

As federal regulations tightened in the timber industry, Oregon's rural communities have been drastically affected. Sixteen percent of mills in Oregon have closed. Oregon's unemployment rate is currently about 12 percent, one of highest rates in the country. However, creating a bamboo industry in Oregon can help revitalize this hard-hit industry.

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